How to Make Your Home Healthy

Remember when you could shut out all of the air pollution and other rubbish just by going inside of your house and closing the door? In your own home, you manage what sort of air you breathe. Or do you really? The basic truth is that there are a lot of toxins that can end up in the air of your house and raise the risk of your getting asthma and respiratory issues. Part of this is because our households are becoming more air tight-we have better windows and seals in an attempt to minimize heating and cooling costs. Sadly, those electricity cost savings are elevating the pollution in the air of our home. Here are some of the things that can be done to keep your home’s air as healthful as possible.

Keeping Clean Floors

Leave your shoes outside if you’re able to. If not, kick them off within the front entrance to your house. When you walk around out of your house–even in indoor places like hospitals and shopping centers, your shoes pick stuff up. The underside of your shoes and boots are covered in mold germs, various chemicals, dust, dirt as well as bacteria. When you enter your house with your footwear on, you bring in this stuff and it gets into the floors and carpets. Then a person kicks it up once again whenever you walk back over it. This means that, rather than remaining on the floor, it gets kicked back up into the air and you find yourself breathing it in. When you leave your sneakers outdoors or in your home’s entryway, this risk gets lowered by a lot.

Note on Dry Cleaning

Never get your dry cleaning straight away. Permit the cleaner to hold it for a day or two. Apparel that has just been recently dry cleaned is saturated with chemicals that are incredibly harmful. Some of those chemicals are actually known to cause neurological damage and cancer. You want to guarantee that your outfits are completely dry before you bring them home. If your clothing isn’t entirely dry, you risk breathing in those same substances and, potentially, getting them on your skin. You might also choose a dry cleaner that is an expert in ecological cleaning practices.


Make sure you ventilate your house! We understand that you installed those new windows because you wanted better control over your home’s temperature. But if you leave those windows shut all day and night, you’re boosting your risk of breathing in the stuff you kick up as you walk around. Think about the dust mites that get stirred up when you clean. The fumes and smoke if you prepare food gets contained so you breathe it in. Your shower’s steam will seep into your walls which can cause mold to form which you then breathe in and get sick from. Your fans need to get switched on. Keep your glass windows open. Give the kicked up crap a chance to escape.

You could make your house healthier using a lot of different methods. Remember, coming home doesn’t imply you have shut out the issues of the world in a physical sense. Do some things to keep your house air pollution free.