Making Your House Greener

Save Energy, Save Money

You can save some money while transforming your house into an eco-friendly house, and it’s easier than ever. All people share the responsibility to clean up the earth by eliminating waste and pollution. We can all make a start by just doing a few of the many things that are possible around our households. Lots of people’s income is wasted by having houses that are very inefficient.

Insulation Matters

Housing insulation standards were increased only a while ago, so most dwellings are not insulated very well. Bettering the insulation of your place is thus an obvious way to start, firstly doing the attic and, if possible, the outside walls, then determining if the windows should perhaps be replaced with more efficient ones. Recouping any money spent on these improvements will become quicker as energy costs climb.

Conserve Water

Given how meagerly people drink water, you would suppose there was a dearth, but not so if you look at how much water is otherwise unnecessarily used up. By simply replacing lavatories with the water saver ones, would save an astounding amount of water. In almost all homes except the more recent ones, one flush of the toilet uses up three and a half gallons of water, whereas the latest models use only one and quarter gallons. If you did nothing more than this, in making your dwelling environmentally friendly, it would make lots of difference in your water bills. Another big cause of energy wastage in the regular home is the inefficiency of the typical light bulbs that are used.

The heating of water to be used for cleaning dishes and doing the laundry is another big energy user. Modern powders used for washing have gotten so good, that the washing can be done in cold water. Heating up the water is mostly responsible for the energy consumed through washing the laundry, so use cold water instead. This is another hassle-free way to make your place eco-friendly. You may think that using a dishwasher is not a good thing, but you in reality use less water with a dishwasher than washing the dishes by hand. As you can see, every one of us can begin to live green.

Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Merely using 5% of the energy consumed by old bulbs, compact flourescent bulbs last ten times longer. The added upfront cost of the compact fluorescent light bulbs is dwarfed by the long term savings, so don’t hesitate to make your home green in this fashion. What’s more, you might be interested to switch to even more efficient LED lights. If your house’s insulation is sub-standard, it will leak heat during winter and let the heat in during summer, which means you will gain throughout the year by improving this aspect of your home. Your dwelling will only be completely earth-friendly once the insulation has been upgraded as well as the windows and doors.