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easy home improvement projects

DIY – Some easy projects and ideas

Home renovation and improvement projects can actually be a whole lot of fun if you approach them smartly. Not every project is a good fit for the weekend warrior home improvement approach. SOME are truly best left to professionals. It can be due to the amount of gear needed to do the job properly, the amount of time that it will take a solo or small team of people and, obviously the complexity of the project.  JUST because homes get gutted and redone in under 60 minutes on TV does NOT mean in ANY shape, form or fashion, that the average human can get that kind of result in that kind of time frame.  NOTHING simple is ever easy. Something as reasonably easy as changing out a door can turn into an all day affair – we can vouch for that.

We’ll state again: Don’t be tricked by home improvement shows that make everything look OH so easy on TV – that is NOT reality regardless of what you may think. There is more to flipping or redoing a house than a few days and then make big money. It just isn’t so. Take a few minutes and gander at these ideas – which are more appropriate in most cases for the DIYer in you. Home improvements actually CAN be fun – if you have proper expectations, are ready to use a little elbow grease and make informed decisions.

Vinyl Siding – A great upgrade

If the exterior siding on your residence is ready to be updated, and you want to change it, proper insulation is the very first thing that you must desire. It will certainly add to the resale worth of your home and also save you on power costs. It will certainly put even more cash in your pocket!  Sometimes – particularly if you have a two story or just large home period – vinyl siding can be more effectively by a professional company. It’s not that difficult, but if you don’t have the equipment to get up to the proper heights, have problematic siding already on there, or any number of other troubling issues, you might be best getting a professional vinyl company to do the deed!

Some manufacturers to check out:

Mastic Vinyl
Royal Vinyl Siding

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are an excellent enhancement to any type of location. Many “stock builder” type homes have the absolute cheapest things that can be placed for light fixtures. You’d even be amazed at some of the cheap fixtures we see even in more expensive homes.  Light fixtures can often be quickly replaced. The easiest thing to do is to find new glass to take the place of existing fixtures or bases that will very closely replace existing plates. Obviously you can go further than that, but to keep things simple, finding similar sized parts that will not force you into repainting, refinishing, or generally having to patch much.

Bathroom fixtures can make a significant change to the looks of any bathroom. They are a great mod that you can add when redoing a bathroom. For example, refinishing existing cabinets or even putting in new custom cabinets can be a huge improvement. This can be done on your own or by a professional company.  Many people will get their bath tubs refinished – particularly if they are old and very antique-y looking. While everyone loves something new, older bathtubs and fixtures with personality can often be refinished to give a new look but still retain that antique look.

An excellent house improvement to make is to add French doors or gliding glass doors. Not just do these doors allow more light inside, yet they actually could open up an area and also make it appear larger. The view of the outdoors enhances the apparent volume of the area and contemporary energy-efficient doors minimize cooling and heating costs.

General things to keep in mind

Cover all surfaces properly prior to beginning a renovation task. Sure, you’re going to be real careful. You’ll be able to contain that sanding dust. Plaster won’t be flying around the room and getting into <fill in the blank>. No, there’s no reason to want to cover everything. WRONG. If you are doing anything that runs even a small risk of coating things with dust, getting splattered with paint, getting soaked by a leak, getting dinged by a flying whatever – you need to protect it before you start.  If you are taking apart walls or kitchen area cupboards, cover any kind of surface areas that have a finish that may be damaged, including floorings and nearby walls. If you are painting, be certain to use a dropcloth on the flooring as well as painter’s tape with paper coverings for pieces such as doorknobs and also light switch face layers.

Many DIY tasks are actually pretty simple and straightforward. Things like redoing cabinet colors, painting your kitchen, putting in replacement screens and the like are simple weekend or even afternoon projects that most people can do with no issue. Many people can paint an area, clean storm windows, as well as make minor repairs.

Take care not to overextend your real DIY capabilities in other cases. While we all would like to imagine ourselves the “Tim Taylor” of our own homes, we probably need to be realistic about our own abilities. We tend to find ourselves in a whole lot less trouble with a little personal honesty. . Unless you really understand just what you are doing, you are most likely to have difficulty (and also run into danger) with projects such as electric wiring and also DIY plumbing additions. Can most people replace a plumbing P trap? Probably. They can likely even fix a leaky toilet, but when it comes to putting in new plumbing, new electric circuits/plates or anything similarly involved – call an expert!